Walcomtec Consulting

Our services cover the following:

  1. Provide outsourced Sales & Marketing Services, offering a cost effective Sales Management presence at a fraction of the cost of setting up your own operation and hiring your own staff. 
  2. Create Market Awareness about your Brand & Products by having face to face meetings & presentations with the targeted Operators. 
  3. Provide a focussed approach to securing business, following a professional and aggressive Sales Strategy. 
  4. Create opportunities for your products, influence customer requirements to match your capabilities and ensure active participation in the RFP Process. 
  5. Provide intelligence on the Customer Evaluation Process, and insight into their preferences, needs and requirements. 
  6. Manage the Sales Process from A to Z including customer meetings, presentations, proposals, follow ups, contract discussions, etc. 
  7. Provide Turnkey Account Management of all your existing/future customers including regular visits, presentations, account planning, etc. 
  8. Provide a bi-weekly Sales Report of all sales activities.
  9. Build & maintain the Opportunity Funnel for the region providing a clear quarterly business outlook. 
  10. Provide Market Intelligence. 
  11. Arrange regular meetings and visits of your representatives with Executives from serious potential customers. 
  12. Integrate the local Salteccon Sales Team to your own Sales Processes & Structure. 
  13. To be positioned as your local "branch" without the expense and complexity of setting up your own Operation.

Ultimately, Walcomtec is able to offer you a comprehensive, cost effective solution to immediately start selling, utilising an experienced and professional Sales Management Team.